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Gym Problem

Mercedes SL

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I have got a pretty weird problem, for the last 30 days (30 days in the game) i have got the "You have worked enough today" setence evrery time i enter a gym in San Andreas. Thats pretty damn. In the begining i thinked that i would just keep defending my muscles, with a big piece of fat, but it isn't easy to keep up with, so now i have allmost no muscles, and its a fight for my life if a old woman attack me, on the street sad.gif

(Its the game for PS2)

Sorry about my english, hope you can understand the point of it.

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you'll find how to fix it here

Damn! i gonna make him as fat as a PT Cruiser! And change everything on CJ dontgetit.gifdie.gif But Thanks! smile.gif

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