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I'm not gunna belive it. They just want you to pre-order a copy and have you send them 50 bucks and then they don't delivery it confused.gif


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The release date will be roughly a month after they update the site, it makes sense for R* to make their fans excited about it later in true Rockstar fashion cool.gif

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Yes i have


Click Here

All it says on there is October, which if you had read above, we had all established. R* haven't given out a day/date of the release yet.

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Yes but i said october and you wanted prove so i gave it to you

That makes no sense, you said it was in October (which we had all guessed anyway, because of all the dates during Oct) I said prove what DATE in October it was and you posted a link that tells us it's out in October! blink.gif


Just going round in circles, there is no official release date (yet) Lets just be patient while R* finishes off the game and then tells us when it's out, when have they ever let us down?

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At least it's before October 31, as stated by Gamespot:



However, the news wasn't all bad. The company confirming that two of its most anticipated games--The Warriors (PS2, Xbox) and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (PSP)--will ship as scheduled during its fourth quarter, which ends October 31, 2005. PC gamers will be pleased to learn that Civilization IV is being moved up several weeks, and will also ship before this coming Halloween.





Take-Two's report also offered some tantalizing tidbits of grist for the rumor mill by revealing several previously unknown, currently unidentified games. The company said "a title based on a new brand for the Xbox 360 is planned for the second quarter" of its 2006 fiscal year. The following quarter will see "a sequel of a Rockstar brand," while the overall year will see "two new titles for the PSP system." Last but definitely not least, Take-Two's next fiscal year will see "extensions of the Grand Theft Auto franchise" on unidentified platforms.


So two new PSP games (unknown), and a GTA sequel, either on the X360 or on the PS3 (I'm thinking more PS3).

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