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Britney Sig Request


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Another siggy request..


Name: britney (no capitals)

Colour: Reddish orange

Size: 300 x 100

Description: Have her sort of face on the left, and have a small black blur outline of her head and shoulders of whatever, and make the rest sort of a dark red and any other special little things to make it look pretty around it, and the word britney in bottom right hand corner.

Pics to use:

user posted image


.. and NO this is not for me. It's for a friend.... IT IS!! that_guy2057_evilgrin.gif No, seriously.. it is. :|

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Read the rules:



::The Rules::



- One sig request topic per author every 10 days. If you abuse the generosity of other members I'll just lock your topics and make you keep the one you got.

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