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[SNP] i neeed help


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i cant fly worth a damn plz help me i need 2 misions done one is dam and blast, ans the other is freefall plz i suck ass.



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What the HELL is this

Did you do the mission or did you just post a link for some other saved game where the mission was done?


You say you never did the mission yourself and now you can suddenly do it?

What the hell is going on?


And if did you do the mission yourself use the correct helper format!!!

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Chill man which part don't you get?

When i played my game i couldn't succeed freefall, i could never catch up to the plane, at all.

With killer jerk's save file it went without a glitch, i did dam and blast for him and forgot what freefall was till i started it but tried anyway.And succeeded first try, caught up easily as it should be, something's wrong in my game.

***GTA*** did MY freefall for me.


Clear now ?


Sorry about the forum settings, I'll follow the rules just cool down ok, no need to be an a$$ about it, it was late and while I posted my own SnP i thought I'd try to help a few others, I don't HAVE to do that here.

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What MISSION did you do then? That's the PART I don't get.

He asked for 2 missions, which ones did you do


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I DID read the rules after i posted that message, what do you want me to do ?Go back in frigging time ?

The TWO missions i did for killer jerk are 'dam and blast' and 'freefall'

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No you didn't read the rules you would know HOW TO POST YOUR RESULTS


For: the person's name you did the mission for

Missions: the name of the missions you did

Helper: your name

Link: the link to the work you did



Yes go back in time...EDIT YOUR POST AND DO IT RIGHT just like everyone else

Everyone else seems to understand it, why can't you

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About time



Last added to stats collection and locked

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