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Didier Sachs problem


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Didier Sachs just opened up for me. I went and bought the best clothes and my sex appeal is only 39. When I had the best clothes from Victim previously it was 50. How do I get it back up?

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when u bought "the best clothes" do u mean the most evpensive? because expensive is not always sex appealish.I made a list of what to wear from Didier Sachs when it opens up, but i think i could give it to you.

Torso - Tweed Jacket

Legs - Yellow/Tweed pants

Shoes - Black shoes / Spats

Hat - Red Derby

Shades - Black Rim

u can get any chain or watch!

Hope i helped, i wanna see the clothes on me too.



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I did what you said and the sex appeal is up to 60. However whether or not I have a car it remains 60. Even if I use a car like Infernus or Cheetah it stays the same.

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dunno what the car thing`s about....i just use cheats!

But the clothes sex appeal are at max cuz i read the rest 40% appeal u get is from the car. tounge.gif

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