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[SnP] Two missions


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Hi everyone,


I got two tough ones, for me anyway.

With NRG i got so close i was about to eat my keyboard.

Circle airstrip and land i got 95% and can't get past it.

The save has you on the airfield/school, take any plane/chopper/jetpack to the nrg challenge and save wherever you like, as long as my money ain't gone and no cheats were used then i'm mighty grateful colgate.gif



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Ah that would be next to the import/export docks in San Fierro .

Thanks for giving me hope someone actually is able to do this biggrin.gif

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For: Doc74

Mission(s): NRG-500 Challenge, Circle Airstrip and Land

Helper: Plaka

Link: The FILE




COMPLETED wink.gif





i. Mistakenly I did the Circle Airstrip, I didn't even realise until the Mission ended as I skip through the cut-scenes ... Sorry about that - it means you have ALL GOLD now.

ii. I didn't get a Record at NRG-500 a very mediocre 2:42

ii. Flew back to the Airstrip for you ...

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I'm about played out myself but i know how it is to get stuck and I'm glad someone does the same for me . It's a pleasure to help.

Thanks again (even if you don't make it biggrin.gif )


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... (even if you don't make it  biggrin.gif  )

Check out some of my Video's I Alway's make it tounge.gif just finished encoding my Video's for All School Gold half are on-line now the rest tomorrow.


I'm VERY glad to see someone helping out like you have ... it makes one WANT to help that person !


Good Luck with your Game ... wink.gif

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Sweet vids, I'm sure I'll be needing that kickstart one pretty soon biggrin.gif


Thanks a million for doing these two, it's a big help.

I'll try to be here more to help out where I can.

















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