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[SnP] Learning To Fly


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Missions:Learning to fly & n.o.e.


Notes: I'd really appreciate this & I hope I've done everything right as it's the 1st time I've ever posted on a forum or even spoke to anyone on the Net I don't know, so if I've messed it up you now know why.

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I'll try to do it for you...




/edit by Wolf68k

Please make a new reply with your results, it'll help me later...this is a rare event.

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For : Manuniac

Mission : Flight Schooll, N.O.E

Helper : Tom_N

Link : save game

Status : Complete

Note : 1x Wasted & Woozie called

Thanks mate I'm really happy with how quick you were and everything, considering it's the 1st time for ever posting at a forum I'm really impressed and won't be so nervous about these kind of things again
















Don't be nervous .. we don't bite, Wolf68k Howls a lot but he's generally very nice.

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