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SA Fault with radio


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Hi you all,


San Andreas is (till now ) the best game, but I have a sound problem.


Everytime, if i want to play SA the game cannot find a radio station.

But if i put i.e WCTR on you hear the sound of changing radio channels, that criiieeckkk, brrrrr alien kind of sound.

What's this problem?

Sorry if there's already been a topic about.

My Specs:


AMD Athlon XP2000+

1.66GHz, 256MB


ATi Radeon 9200SE 256MB


Sweex soundcard 12channel (i believe)


Or is there an update from Rockstar which solve this higly innoying bug?

Please let me know, the sound is killing me..... suicidal.gifrolleyes.gif

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You have the warez version. 99% of all the warez versions don't hae radio and/or sound. Get an original game. I got this problem when I got the warez version too (in Sri Lanka only warez is available).

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