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'Run away' & 'Forest of Miracles' & 'TOUCH


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Hello, it's been a while since I posted here, but no I think I have something new to show you.

I'll copy&paste the description from devart. Hope you like them, of course comments & critics are appreciated.


Forest Of Miracles



A good friend asked me to make something with a photo. She gave me a photo of a vase from IKEA. I just played around with no real idea what exactly I wanted to do. First it became more and more green, so I added a forest in the background.. played around with grass on the bottom.

Then I needed some more color, I didn't wanted to add to much, so I looked around on sxc.hu and found these lovely butterflys. They fit great with their orange color.

If you think there are better things than this vase to use here, then you might be right, but I wanted to make something out of the photo, and I hope I had at least a bit success. She likes the result.. so I'm happy. smile.gif





Just playing around with a little idea in my head... I really can't tell you much on this. Was more a practise than a work with deeper ideas.


Run away



I browsed through da's stock photos today, searching for resources for another work. I found this photo in THT-Stock's gallery and it reminded me on the video "Vermillion P.2" from slipknot. Maybe that's why I used it, hope you like it.



Done with Adobe Photoshop 7, stock photos from deviantart and sxc.hu.

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forest of miracles is fantastic. it really conveys a sort of magical and mystical enviroment, the butterflys contrast it perfectly, and the vase fits in, even though it shouldn't. definately my favourite of the three.

TOUCH.PAIN is quite a wierd piece, kind of clinical and hospitalised. it kind of reminds me of an operating theatre in an asylum. very strange, but still well created and put together.

run away is my least favourite. it looks good, but i prefer the others. you might want to sort out the shadows of the girls, they seem unrealistic. the sky doesn't match the ground, although i'm not sure if thats intentional.


all in all pretty good work. I know i could never do anything like that.

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Forest of Miracles is my favourite piece too.

I love the greenyness, it looks so fresh.

It really could be an advertisement for a perfume.

Tbh, I thought it was at first sight.

Maybe you should give the butterfly on the front a drop shadow ?

And the grass at the bottom doesn't seem to fit in perfectly.

But I'm sure you know this better than me, because you seem to be really good at photo-manipulation.


TOUCH.PAIN is not really my style, but I love the black and white with the red touch.

I'd do away the bar code or put it somewhere else and I'd remove the blood brush too,

it doesn't seem to fit with the picture.

Besides that, it really looks beautiful.


Run Away looks overall pretty nice.

I like the concept and the ghosts.

But I don't like the air, it looks like a drawing and I really dislike that.


I took a look at the rest of your gallery and it all looks really nice.

Especially I like 'Back To Life', the contrast between the green and the black&white looks awesome.

It's a shame that you don't have any more pageviews, you're an amazing artist and I'm adding you to my devwatch.


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Aha, I love how they're commenting in German. I took it last year, and this is the first actual encounter I've had with it on the internet.


Anyhow, I like them all except TOUCH.PAIN. It just seems a bit bland to me, but I love the third one. The colors are great, along with the saturation.

Edited by SilentM
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Thanks A LOT for your comments and critics.


Clown, you're right about the shadows in 'Run away'. On DeviantArt someone told me exactly the same, I'm still not sure if I remove them completely or just lower their opacity. Concerning the sky, I could have used some nice photos with good looking clouds, but I like it how it is. Can't tell you why, maybe because it just looks a bit different.


Niteangel', thanks at first for devwatch, I'll have a look at your gallery. True about the advertisement, I showed it around and some people told me that too. Will try the drop shadow on the butterfly, even thought I like it like now, it has a small light outline. For the grass, I still have difficulties to make good looking grass, but I thought it looks right there.

Had a different aim for TOUCH.PAIN first. As you see I colored her right eye, red like the bloody hand at the wall. While I was working on this piece, there was a hand touching her shoulder from the right. That's why I wanted her to say: "Don't touch me". In combination with the real hand trying to touch her, the blood at the wall and the red in her eyes, I wanted to express a sort of inner anger or violence. Who knows, maybe she experienced something that bad that she hides herself and isolates from the world. Maybe I think about it later and change it.


SilentM, congratulations for your first german encounter on the internet. Do you unterstand everything? For TOUCH.PAIN, I'm sure you'll read through the whole post, I've written down some thoughts above.

Seems like 'Forest Of Miracles' pleases everyone of you, thanks.


So, thanks again for commenting.

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