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Hi, i tried to add a new model and skin to claude in gta3, i tried to use the model and texture of him from San Andreas, i rename it from claude to player and add them to the gta3 file in gta3, i can add the .ddf file, but when i try to add the texture it says file size to big, and ive made it smaller to about 60kb, but it still says file size to big, how can i get it in?


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I don't think that will work... at all...





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don't replace

rename the player.txd to player.BAK-txd - or something similar

then just add your own txd

Remember to Rebuild the archive with IMG Tool


It must be the same type of file as used in GTA3

Open player.txd extract the image as a TGA file

then check the properties of the file

Irfan View is a good tool for this




Then base your image on this


I think you also have to take out the player.bmp file in the Models dir



but as Dertyjerzian says I doubt it will work


surprise us smile.gif

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