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weapon skill


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i'am playing the pc version of the game. i have 100% i thought now i can

upgrade al my weapon skill. i had a rhino stolen from area 69 in my hanger and i just blasting away with my sawn-off shotgun. and my skill

doesn't go up. so i toke my micro-mp5 did the same still nothing.


even if i drove the rhino out side still nothing


sorry for my bad english

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What does the rhino have to do with your weapon skill?


Just keep shooting, it takes alot of bullets with each gun to get hitman. - Dome Piece

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It's not about just fireing at anything. You have to kill peds, headshots make it go up quicker. Shooting a rhino will not get you anywere
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Shooting a Rhino makes your rating go up, so he's mistaken it with weapon skill.


Btw, like the others said, just kill peds, try getting headshots, or you can just take a vehicle with poppable tires and park it somewhere and keep shooting at it's tire ONLY. Then your skill will go up easily and you can try it for any gun and the vehicle will not explode if you only shoot it in the tire.


Good luck!


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