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I need a file...


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A backup of wheel_lr1.dff and wheel_lr1.txd? I accidentally deleted my backupsand I misinstalled weasles wheel_lr2 as lr1 and it messed up the classic wheels badly. Now my game freezes when I try to put it on. I love the classic wheels and would love to have it back without reinstalling everything. Does anyone know where to get this file? I couldnt search due to not knowing how to word it.

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sure i'll email you the part's if you want


but including V.A.T. on top, it's gona cost a bucket, then there's the installation fee's confused.gif let's talk turkey.. 5 number's biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif


only kidding, i could email them to you!

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yor wheels you need i cant seem to find them are you sure there named- wheel_lr1.txd

but i have the others wheel_lr1.dff/wheel_lr2.dff

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You are correct! I only need wheel_lr1.dff. I added the txd. All i have to do is delete the txd and add the original dff. There is no txd for that wheel i assume.

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