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Co-Op Missions


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As it has been announced that SA-MP will feature co-op missions, this opend up ideas for the mission styles & features server owners want to use. Post here your ideas for missions, whether it be remakes of SP missions or completely new ones.


Personally I think there should be a wide range of missions, as some games tend to have too many driving orientated missions. SA has a mixed set with some mainly on-foot missions, which can me the most interesting. If AI bots play a large part in SA-MP, then clan-style matches could be created fairly simply, with it being players vs bots at set locations.

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Mission Ideas:


Whats Beef?


MultiPlayer team has to escort one player (or NPC) to a radio station to do an interview. A rival rap group (or several) sent minions are trying to kill our protagonist. The mission would be getting to the Station is a convoy of vehicles, while defending the Star rapper against the attacking NPC (or second Multiplayer) gang. Once at the station, The rival gang can be expected to try to make it into the interview and will be waiting outside.



New Jack Day:


NPC in semi-large groups are trying to jump members of Multiplayer team. Fellow team members have limited time to stop the beatdowns by distracting NPCs while defeating them to end the attack. No Weapons.




Multiplayer team has to shoot their way out of a resturant. Thats it, but resturant is being over run by a very determined A.T.F (Alccohol, Tobacco and Firearms) swat team.


I got that snowman:


Multiplayer team transports a 2 suitcases full of cocain across map. Each member has to carry the drugs to a certian checkpoint while the rest of the team follows behind, each checkpoint the suitcases are dropped and picked up by the next player, until the destination is reached. (Checkpoints will be parking lots and alleys where the suitcased can be physically exchanged.) Multiplayer team must not attract any attention from law enforcement so all traffic and civil laws must be followed, otherwise poilice will persue aggressively.



I can think of great ellaborate stories to explain these situations for missions if necessary.

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I would like to keep some of the SA storyline missions in Los Santos...


1. Drive-Thru remix:

2 Teams - Ballas, with only 2 guys (1 driving, 1 shooting) in the rose Voodoo and Families, with 4 guys (1 driving, 3 shooting). [teams make exactly 6 pers.] Ballas are less, so their car is 2x hp.

In the beginning of the mission, you see the cutscene at the fast food drive-in, and when it ends - both of the teams start:

Ballas team has to drive to Grove Street, !!following the checkpoints!! and kill 2 gang members and Families have to explode the car and kill the opposite team.


2. Drive-by remix:

2 teams - Ballas, with 2 guys, each leading his group of peds - around 4 homies - (as there are 4 groups, they both respawn 1 time after their whole group is dead to go lead another one), and Families with 4 guys (as in Drive-Thru - one driving, 3 shooting).

Families objective is to cap all the four Ballas groups around Glen Park, and Ballas objective is to explode the GSF greenwood.

Whoever reaches their objective first - wins.


----- ah, forgot to say 1 thing for last 2 missions and next one > every HUMAN player in mission has TEC9(or Micro SMG) and EVERY NPC player has a colt45.


3. Madd Dogg's rhymes remix:

2 teams - Robbers, with 2 person:

One is going to steal,

The second one is the getaway driver + helps the first guy do his way through the guards.

And Security, with 4 weak players and 3 weak NPC's patroling the map.

Blips on radar are disabled, Stealth Kill is enabled. *advice - TURN YOUR HEADPHONES UP so you can hear if someone is coming, because if you cant see him, but he can see you - you dead 4 sho.

The robbers goal is to steal the book and bring it to OGLoc's burgershot (+ with 4 cars having 1 human player driving and 1 NPC shooting), while security's is to kill THE ONE WHO'S GOING TO STEAL.


4. Co-op gangwars:

Six homies (human players) have to take over the East Los Santos and Idlewood.

Same gangwars than in single-player SA, kill 3 Ballas NPC's to start a war, then survive the 3 waves and territory is yours...

If a player dies - he doesnt come back, so he turns spectator for the rest of the game. If you run away from the war - you turn spectator and can comeback only in the next gangwar.

For win the mission - atleast 2 of the team have to stay alive.


---Same as in SA, NPC's will first come with basic weapons, then stronger ones, then AK's. Life and Armour also spawn.




Well, that's all i have in mind now, tell me what you think. colgate.gif

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6 players team up against 3 waves of NPC's in a large open arena. Using only fists to begin the players must utilize martial arts moves and the sort to defeat the massive hoardes of enemies. Each wave means a new weapon for the enemy, also meaning you can kill an enemy and get the weapon.


Wave 1 ~ Fists

Wave 2 ~ Bats

Wave 3 ~ Katanas

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i think theres also a limit in bots/peds/homies/whatever because of the fact, they aren't sync-ing peds, so they might program only a few bots

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i think theres also a limit in bots/peds/homies/whatever because of the fact, they aren't sync-ing peds, so they might program only a few bots

I thought they officially posted that they ARE sync'ing peds.

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i didnt read that, sry ppl......omfg w00t, F*ck MTA, go SA-MP!!!!


i wonder if we can create our own missions.....


wait a sec.....now this'll probably release even later....aww.....o well cant rush something like this

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here are my ideas



Assasin Mode -

There should be a number of VIPs/marks to assasinate, players can co-op in teams either three teams of two or two teams of three, or compete every man for himself against each other to take out these marks, and other players/teams (in an attempt to eliminate competition).

>> The scoring should be based on the ammount of player kills counting as a half of a kill, as well as killing of police. the VIP/mark should count for 5 kills, players/teams with the most kills will be winner.



Hunter Mode -

Of the online players, one of them is marked with 'hunted' status, and the other players are with 'hunter' status. It is the goal of the hunters to hunt, and kill the one with 'hunted' status. The hunter to kill the one who is hunted, will then become the one hunted.

>> The scoring should be determined by the ammount of time a player remains hunted, in addition to kills accumulated. All kills accumulated as hunter will be counted as 1 kill, all kills accumulated as hunted should count as 3 kills. Hunters are allowed to gain kills by killing other hunters, as well as those who are hunted. Any hunter killing the one who is hunted shall gain 5 kills.



Wanted Mode -

All players should start with a 5-star wanted level. Police bribes should be removed, and pay and sprays should be with closed doors, all clothe shops, and wardrobes should also be inaccessable. Players should have to traverse a larghe portion os Los Santos, and enemy gang territory without dying. Players should also not be allowed to be in the water, as that would make things too easy. The starting point/spawn point should be in Santa Marina Beach, at the end of the pier, equipped with full weapon tier three: Chainsaw, Silenced 9mm, Spaz, MP5, M4, Sniper Rifle, Heat Seaking Rocket Laucher, and Remote Explosives, with full ammo, as well as full health and armor. The end-point should be CJ's house.

user posted image

>> Scoring should be determined by the time that is taken to traverse from the spawn point to CJ's house, and the ammount of health/armor that is maintained at that point. The more times a person dies, the more there score is deducted.



Massacre Mode:

Players kill pedestrians. Simple, the player with the most kills wins. Full ammo, weapons tier three should be equipped, with the exception of satchel charges, and rocket launcher.

>> Scoring should be determined by ammount of kills accumulated. Pedestrians killed should be .5 kills, police, as 1 kill, and other players as 2 kills. Pedestrians, or police killed via explosion will not be counted. Suicides (death by explosion, or fall damage) will incure a deduction of .5 kills.


Hot Coffe Mode:

Nah lol im kidding.....hot coffe is jus plain stupid tounge2.gif


Suicide mode:

Players are to find the quickest way to kill themselves, and do it as much as possible, in a 10 minute time period. No weapons will be available to start.

>>scoring is determined by awarding one point per time killed, the one with the most points win.


sorry, that is all i am capable of at the moment, more to come....maybe ph34r.gif

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A spy has taken a new fighter jet and its your job to hop in the spare one and track the spy and shoot him down. Have the spy be scripted so when the fighter jet is at 0-5% hull damage left the spy bails out with parachute and you have to land quickly as close as u can to the spy where he lands and then follow on foot. Or just end it when hes in the fighter i dunno.




Mission if you choose to accept it (biggrin.gif) is to get your guys some girls (like in the sp mission) so u need a pimp car you nad ur mate need one each and the fastest person to get 6-10 prossys to the markers where they get droped off and go in to the gang members house for a bit of action wink.gif. wins.




Rocky type of mission where you goto the gym and you have about 3 opponents to fight and 1st easy 2nd is medium good and 3rd is rock hard (mr t from A-Team) lol. you win after you have defeated Mr T tounge.gif




Have for this mission spawn a large group of a gang in a wide open area and the mission is that you must get into a chopper or somit and fly over and bomb the hell out of all the gang, once there all gone the missions over. Make it two large areas one for each person perhaps and have them gang specific and colour area for the individual players perhaps. SO one person cant do the other persons area by mistake.




Chase on bikes mission one person is riding the bike the other is the shooter. Perhaps have a stream of cars/bikes and stuff come at u and ur being chased and you have to work together to make to a specific area to be safe, bit like russian sp mission.


Ill think up more later.

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My mission would be where you and your partner(s) are driving down the highway being chased by some enemies. One player would drive, and the others would shoot at the enemy cars until they're all destroyed.

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Seems like most of these are entirely possible with some mega effort on the team's part.


1)A mission I'd like to see. You have to drive a car off the tallest building in LS, and recieve as little damage as possible when you hit the ground.


2)Another one, a Def Jam, style battle, you are pinned inside an alleyway, with tall cars blocking your exit, you must kill everyone in the alleyway and be the last man standing, only simple melee weapons allowed.


3)And another one, an air stunts kind of game, you have to fly your plane through checkpoint markers, each marker has a time for how long it exists, if you run out of time, you miss that marker and must continue on to the next one. Another person must stand on the wing of the plane (using the sticky code) and must shoot down all other planes. You'd need to make 6 routes for each player and make them close together. The person flying the plane gets points for markers reached, plus damage bonuses, the person shooting gets points for every 10% of damage taken from planes.

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I dont think making NEW missions is a good idea, because its:


1 - Fukking hard


2 - Fukking long... I dont want to wait a year or 2 before we can all enjoy SA-MP... confused.gif


So what would be good, is to remix/redo already existing SA missions. Not that hard script work + the 2/3 is already done by SanAndreas...

Some SA missions was very nice, so playing them with other 5 friends would be just awesome...

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Another mission good for co-op I just though about it...


5. Just Busyness remix:


2 teams:


1st team - 2 players (one driving, one shooting) on bike.

Goal: Loose the 2nd team (get to the location where they split up)


2nd team - 4 players in cars and some NPC's on bikes chasing you.

Goal: Destroy the bike and kill the 1st team.


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Black Project Remix-




just like the original mission but 5 people are the army whilst one player is CJ. The army gets lesser health then CJ and only have an m4 and a 9mm. CJ has an m4 desert eagle knife and mp5. CJ must get the jetpack and bounce out of there. the more jetpacks CJ steals the higher health he gets and points he gets.

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Will missions be custimizable or will they be hard-coded by the team?

I'm also wondering what kind stuff the AI will be able to do. Will they be able to act and react to online players the same way they do to you in single player? What are the limitations?


I'll post a mission when I think of a good one.

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Maybe Co-operative home in the hills mission? You jump out of the plane and help each other take back the mansion!

user posted image
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I'm looking forward to doing the Just Business mission again, in co-op. biggrin.gif

Yep, exactly what I am... biggrin.gif


+ Drive-by and drive-thru and gangwars in co-op would be awesome.

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If we have missions, I'd prefer more unorthodox ones like driving Vortexes off buildings and stuff.

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How about this.


Defent San Andreas mission.


Mission Desciption


You activate mission while at a airport (or where u get jets). There is a marker and it activates the mission when all the people who are in the co-op mode (team) are in the marker. The mission starts with each person in the team is given a fighter jet. Then you get a message stating to goto a specific location and once there and in the sky (marker in sky???) then this is where the fun really starts. Wave after wave of a neighbouring state comes at you (there armys perhaps) and trys to kill the population, ur job is to defent and protect san andreas. Using just the jet fighters u have. The fighters will have 3x the amound of health as this mission probably need u to survive long time.


Mission sequence:


Start mission

1st wave - 4 choppers come and u gotta kill them in 5 mins

2nd wave starts after 5 mins and the choppers dissapear (retreat) so there bringing somit more powerful in, so lets say 4 jet fighters.

3rd wave starts after 10 mins after wave 2 started and the jets retreat and is replaced by 2 attack choopers and 2 jet fighters.


You pass each wave if u kill all or theres 1 left after each wave.

You fail if u die or team mate dies or the population has been killed or after third wave is still alive if one left u pass if more u fail.


To make the population can the mission spawn 50 populance and have 50 in the population meter/bar and each time 1 is killed by ONLY the missions enemy fire (no friendly fire can hurt them incase u accidently hit them all lol) so when each populance 1 person = 1% of the meter/bar and when all are dead the bar is empty.


Can there be a bar/meter to measure population and a time limit count down for this???


A sequal to this mission could be a land based assault using tanks perhaps using the same waves methods?


Hope i explained it ok. Also hope its doable if tweaked a bit and hope its a good idea for a team game thing.

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how about a green goo type game, with a frieght train.


1 team gets the train & the other team has to kill them all.


team1- tec-4's, tec-9's, SMG's, pistals, 1 rocket launcher.

team2- tec-9's, SMG's, deagles, ak-47's, sachels.



team1- train.

team2- dodo, sparrow, bobcat, DFT-30, flatbed, NRG-500, packer, sadler, trashed sadler, bus.



team1- train passenger gets M4, low-power minigun mounted on rear of train.

team2- use sachels to blow train off tracks, connot fall off vehicles, can shoot from inside cars.

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