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[SNP] Los Santos Races


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Mission: Los Santos Races

File: ls_races.zip

Note: The checkered flag is north of the safe house you gonna be in. Car in garage for you. No cheats please. If a gang is attacking a territory, leave em (that's my problem heh heh heh). Also if you can, do the stadium mission for me. I think it's 8-Track (the stadium close to Grove Street).



Thanks in advance,



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For: Droopox

Mission(s) Little Loop, Backroad Wanderer, City Circuit, Vinewood, Freeway, Into The Country

Helper: CygnusX

The File >Download<





i. Saved back at the Johnson House

ii. Don't have time to do 8-Track now

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Thanks man..will see if someone else will do it, in another topic.


















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