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Picked up gamesmaster today the best mag for gaming. Had a special on LCS, they had a play on it, so loads of new information, some were known but have now been confirmed, others are totally new. Ok here's some bits and bobs first of all=



Use Boats

Ride Bikes

Change Clothes

Enter Selected Buildings

Speak In Cutscenes(Remember Claude Couldn't)

Move While Shooting(Again Claude Couldn't)





Ride Push Bikes


Fly Planes and Heli's

Go To Gym and Workout

Have Skills Upgraded


For the future?

If Liberty City Stories goes well could we see a Vice City or Los Santos Stories in the future? There link up potential with PS3, where you could take mini-games away with you to play and use the PSP as a permanent map so you don't have to pause every minute.



The Traid Fish Factory is a Leone Warehouse in LCS

Sex Club 7 is Paulies Revue Bar


New Controls=

To look around in first person view hold down the L button and minipulate the stick

The D pad changes weapons


This makes drive-bys a tinge more difficult than on the PS2



The save game icon is a disc and when you walk into the clothes icon in your safehouse you'll get a chose of different outfits(rather than choosing trousers, shirt one by one etc.)


The game is basically a PS2 game but portable


The aiming mode is the same as SA, but now the lock on will go to the most dangerous person. So instead of accidently pointing at a pedestrian nothing should go wrong now.


Its set in 1998(this will cancell rumours of a 1997 setting)


Mission Mania=







Shop till you drop

To truly get in with Leone, Toni has to do some truly dirty work- not murder, extortion or sabotage but taking the Don's gf Maria out shopping. First to the jewellerrs where Toni waits outside. But Maria refuses to pay! You've got a 3 star wanted level, go to pay n spray to save the day! But Maria wants to continue shopping. The net retailer has a shot gun, shoots out your tyres and your f*cked for your journey to Salvatores mansion!


Casino Rumble

Toni visits JD O'Toole owner of Paulies revue bar, who has a tip of Sindacco activity. They are aiming to drive the Leone families casino buisness out with extreme methods. The Sindacco bombers must be stopped! First you blast a few on foot with your SMG. Then they have an armoured patriot! The only option is to cap them as soon as they exit the vehicle for the casino! Finally a Sindacco leaves a van with explosives outside the casino. You have 10 seconds to get it away from the casino and into the safety of peds! lol


Volatile Situation

Toni has to clean up a mess for Vinny(Of GTA Advance) a simple raid at the docks has been bollocksed up! The cops have turned up and 3 of your m8s are trapped! Only Toni, a four seater car and some aggressive driving can save the day!


The Trouble With Triads

Toni is ordered to collect some cash from Leones warehouse(in GTA3 its the Traid fish company) The Traids unleash explosives they've planted in the warehouse abd bam! You have to get all the cash while going through the inferno and with Traids on your tail. When you plan to get back to Salvatore it seems every Fish van from China Town is after you. But nothing can stop Toni, and defeintly no Traids!


And finally GM had a paragraph devouted to a few un-named missions=

At the start of the game you are chaffuering Salvatore Leone and as he guides us to the safehouse(the one Claude had at the start of GTA3). Now its an interior with a little bed, a floating disc and floating shirt. Once done its time to go to Salvatores pad.


Firstly a pistol is needed from ammu nation, which like GTA3 requires no loading time to enter. Next we test our fireams on some Sindaccos hassling JD O Toole at the strip club. JD films the killings like the director from Manhunt. JD gives Toni his car as a gift and then its off to pay n spray before the next mission.


Salvotore takes Toni to meet an informat on his pleasure boat. A cutscene see's the Don draggins the fat guy across the floor. All is well, expect the tubby guy was being watched by secret service! Just like in Supply and Demands on VC, you must defend the boat from helicopters and speed boats of CIA people.


next mission Salvatore needs to get to Staunton Island. But like typical GTA the island is closed and even worse the Ferry Station is crawling with cops. After a cross-town car chase that's made simpler with a visit to the Pay N Spray Salvatore convinces Tony to jump the bridge and just like an insane stunt bonus you get a slow motion of the car jumping the Callahan Bridge. Free of Portland, the cops and Traids its time to turn our attention to Staunton Island.


thanks to muratcan from gtawh


sorry if old

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