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Radeon 9600 Pro 256 Mb


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Hi I have real trouble with my drivers.


I have Radeon 9600 Pro 256 Mb, 1 GB PC3200, 2.4 GHz Intel4, XP sp 2, directx 9.0c installed, catalyst 5.8 (all the newest drivers)


When I load San Andreas I never get to go further than the Nvidia and the Rockstar Logos, after that I just get a default windows "bib" and the black screen.


I have tried to uninstall catalyst 5.8 and installed 5.7 instead byt no lock what so ever.


Any suggestions, I am really desperat I havent even tried the game jet devil.gifcry.gifdevil.gifsneaky2.gifcryani.gifcryani.gifcryani.gifcryani.gif



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only old ones on the CD, I updated the drivers when I installed Rome at Total War.


But know a new weird thing has happened, sometimes the game runs, so apparently it dosen't have anything to do with the drivers. I just can't figure out why it run sometimes and sometimes it don't. It got to have something to do with my windows instalation I guess. Any suggestions?


I have started this new thread with a more saying headline since the grafix card dosen't seem to be the problem


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