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Help with Adding texture

adam schiller

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adam schiller

Hey I need some help as you can probably tell I'm new to texturing and i want to make my own custom paintjobs but when I open the txd with txd workshop the picture is flat so I cant tell what part goes where on the car sad.gif and also sometimes the original car files isn't in there only camperinterior and another one need help thanks I have read a few tutorials and not understood them well thanks for any help colgate.gif

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This for San Andreas?

If so then you also need to

look in the generic vehicle txd,

that is where mostly all the texture

are for the car's.

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adam schiller

k how come when installing mods I dont normaly have to go into there? and also how do I see what the texture looks like on the car

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Cause the mod's have them in there own dff's, and they can place the texture's

of their car's in the txd of the same vehicle.

Only way is to open the dff in a modeling program.

I use Zmodeler2, other's use 3dmax, there are more, but mostly

them mostly.

Or you can just get a dff viewer, dont now if there is one for

San Andreas dff's, but i bet there is one out there.

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You should be able to extract the dff and it's txd.

Place them both in a folder, then extract the texture's

from the txd into the same folder.

load the dff in the dff viewer and see the texture's.

I think that's how the viewer works.

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First off is you zmodeler2 registered?

If so then do as i posted before, extract both

the dff and txd to one folder.

Use txdworkshop, to extract the textures form the

txd, into the same folder.

Now open zmod and import the dff of the car you

want to retexture, and it should load with the textures.

One last thing if some area's of the model look white, then

you are missing some texture's, if so extract the textures form

the generic vehicle txd into that same folder that has the dff,

you are trying to retexture.

Hope this helps.


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adam schiller

K then how do I edit the car In photshop do I just have to do trial an error by placing a red dot somewhere and finding where it is on the car then editing that area?

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