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Throw weapons?


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I'm on the mission where you go into caligula's casino and steal all of the money.

But when I get to the roof top and try to pick up my parachute, I just walk right through it..? I'm guessing I can't pick it up because I'm already carrying a knife and the nightvision goggles (that you get by default for this mission).

So am I supposed to throw one of these items away and in that case how???

Or is it a bug that I can't pick the parachute up?


Appreciate any help guys,


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I think you have to press tab/ L1, when you are near the weapon you want to get, to change weapon. Good luck!
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yes if you have duplicate weapons in the same "Class" you must push the secondary fire button(the one that gives you your stats while on foot)...the game explained this earlier but you may have missed it...


Parachute is in the same "class" as the night vision goggles.. this is why you have to replace it.


@F-s-X - Nice reply but in the future you might want to condider this games on alot of different platforms and button configurations so its better to say the name of the action rather than a specific key.

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