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Real Radio in GTA


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i was wondering if it was possible to put an actual feed radiostation into Vice City? Like you could possibly get the url for the live stream that some radio stations have online and have it stream onto your vice city mp3 player station or something. i'm sry if this has already been asked though.



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Futago-za Ryuu

there is, isnt there? if i remember correct it imports launchcast radio stations and u can listen to it on ure mp3 station. sry thou, its been so long i dont have url for it.

try all the modding sites and search on google,yahoo & ask.com

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I think so. I seem to remember a shotcast-style tool for such a thing. Can't remember who did it or what it was called though. However, last time I checked, Squiddy was the resident expert for GTA3/VC radio.
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