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rifle range


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My objective stays at 30 but the faqs say 45. I don't want to start all over cuz I have completed 69% of the game.

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You need to get 45 to get fast reload-- you get mission passed for 30-- nevertheless you need 45 for fast reload-- your game is not broke--


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You shouldn't double thread sly.gif


Once you pass the Malibu mission The Shootist, you need to go back to the Downtown AmmuNation and back into the back (called Rifle Range). Getting a 45 there is what is required to get fast reload as well as the misison point needed to attain 100%.


For future reference, with the exception of the Molotov Rampage glitch, VC has no occurances of sealed mission points. You can use my Ancestral Recall Code Tool to determine what all you have left. In fact, if you should ever find a way that the game DOES seal a mission point from you, bring it to my attention and I can almost guarantee I could make a Code Tool for it. In fact, I just put that Molotov Rampage glitch on my to do list smile.gif

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Just concentrate on the far target, when it's available, take it out as fast as you can to get another one. As the nearer ones come across your crosshairs, pop all but the heads, only when you are already aiming and they get in the way. While waiting for a new far target, you can work on the middle one, try not to take out the head of the close one unless it's very near end of timer or ammo, and the point you get would help.

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Make sure you can fire 3 rockets per second, if not you still havn't beat it. Make sure you minimize any missed shots and try to shoot the one in the back. NEVER shoot the one in the FRONT. smile.gif

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