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i've made a new sig for me, but its too big. is there anyway to set a filesize, so that when you save the image it makes sure its so many kilobytes? if there is could someone please tell me how to do it.

thanks for any help,

clown. smile.gif

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Not that I know of, saving your file as a JPEG won't lose any noticeable quality, the information that is discarded after the compression of the document would be something that would not be visible to the human eye. Edited by DeAnO_GTA~MaStEr
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Save for web > choose your file type in the drop down menu on the right > click the circle with an arrow in it (should be to the right of the drop down menu) > optimize file fize > save


That was just from memory, but it should be accurate enough.

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ok, yeah that works fine. thanks a lot to both of you.


EDIT, didnt see yours phalanxe. i'll give that a go.

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