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Random speedups


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Hi, after a seemingly random period of time, SA will speed up, alot. The in-game clock will tick over at about 5 minutes a second, sooo.. cars will travel 3 blocks++ in a second, and the same for me as well. Sometimes it happens when I load, other times after a random amount of time. Pretty much unplayable. I was doing a mission (chase the guy on the bike while you're also on a bike, one of the early ones), one second im 3 yards or so away from the biker, and then a second later ive failed the mission and the biker is at the edge of the minimap..


Comp stats:

Athlon64 4400x2 // geforce 7800gtx // 1gb corsair ram // gta is installed on a WD 74gb raptor // XP SP2


Have latest nforce, realtek ac'97, graphics drivers. Frame limiter is on (doesn't seem to make much of a difference), all settings are maxed out (1600x1200 very high detail etc). Have searched and back checked last few pages of this forum can't seem to find anyone with such an issue.


Edit: After some more investigating, I tried to record the issue using fraps. Fraps hard set my fps to 25, which is the proper fps that the frame limiter is meant to set my fps too and I got playable gameplay (the instant I stopped recording, up went the fps). Sooo it seems the frame limiter isn't setting the fps correctly.

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I'd say its your dual-core CPU that's giving the game this speed boost, many people have fond this. I am not familar with them so I honestly cant help.
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