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[SNP] All Of The Schools

Futago-za Ryuu

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Futago-za Ryuu


After You Have done that save at the Airstrip

SAVE FILE- http://www.freewebs.com/vitron2/files/temp...chools_help.zip

NOTES- 1) I dont want to do the school missions & since im going out for a while I

decided to see if any1 would do them for me while i am gone so that

when i get back they are done.

2) Can you please not do anything else and no other missions.

3) Can you please tell me what has been unlocked from completing the

schools in gold.

Thanks in Advance! smile.gif

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Hey, relax guy...this isn't a fastfood restaurant.

Just wait and it'll get done.

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Well that standing rule is that helpers should make a post saying they are working on it.

You however are expecting instant work to be done. You wait less than 2hours before you bumped it the first time, and just over 30mins foe the second bump.

The standing rule here is 12hours or off of the first page.

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For: Vitron

Mission(s): Learning To Fly (GOLD) Bike School (GOLD)

Helper: Plaka

Link: The FILE




some COMPLETED wink.gif

I have some stuff I need to do, maybe another Helper will do the other 2 schools.



For Gold at the Schools you get:

Flight - Hunter Helicopter

Bike - FCR-900

Boat - Jetmax

Driving - Knife (Hotrod)

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Futago-za Ryuu

u can lock this if u want, ill post a save later on when i want the other two schools completed.



Locked by Wolf68k

Edited by wolf68k
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