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[Rec/Req] GTA:SA RPG


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Here's the idea...

You (CJ) just go about the normal game, but instead of just running about the three cities freely, you have to level up and gain access to unlock each city, vehicles and weapons.


Here's a rough idea of what you have to do to level up:

Lvl 1. Kill 5 peds

Lvl 2. Kill 6 peds

Lvl 3. Kill 7 peds

Lvl 4. Kill 8 peds

Lvl 5. Kill 9 peds



Each Lvl, you can use certain weapons and vehicles, Here is rough idea of the lvl's you can use them at:



Lvl 1. Foot

Lvl 5. Bicycles

Lvl 10. Motorbikes

Lvl 20. Cars

Lvl 25. Planes/ Helicopters

Lvl 30. Hydra + Hunter

Lvl 35. Rhino



Lvl 1. Fists/Brass Knucles

Lvl 5. Bat/Shovel/Cane

Lvl 10. 9mm + Silenced

Lvl 15. Tec + Micro SMG

Lvl 20. Shotguns

Lvl 22. SMG + AK

Lvl 25. Sniper

Lvl 27. RPG/ Heat seeker


The 3 Cities, are unlocked when you reach a certain level:

LS: Starting Region

SF: Lvl 15

LV: Lvl 25


HUD idea: This is what the HUD will look like with the XP Bar and Lvl display:

user posted image


I really hope someone likes the idea and trys to create this mod, Thanks...

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Nice idea, it doesn't seem very entertaining and it should be very hard to make, but... it would be cool if someone could merge the concepts of GTA with some more RPG elements.

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