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Dear Anyone lol


I was Hoping someone could help me out by telling me how to create seat properties on a Tram

(or on any Vehicle)

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Seat properties are part of the DFF object and are only available to proper vehicles. They are attached to the animated doors via a "dummy" in the DFF file. These dummies are arranged into a heirarchy. As far as I know, the trams are not a proper vehicle; they are basically a map object which gets sent around path nodes by the game engine. They don't even have wheels. I do not think it would be possible to make them rideable like the train is.


However, if a custom collision mesh (normally just called a "COL") was created for them, you could hollow out the inside and make the doorways non-solid. This would allow the player to jump into the tram as it went past. I have ridden around on top of a tram by jumping from the roof of a truck, so riding around inside should work by making a new collision mesh for it.

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