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Dam and Blast


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Mission: Dam and Blast

CJ have to fly to the canyon.

And then so I understand he have to jump out with parachute

The problem: CJ don t exit the plane at the checkpoint


I don t want a completed savegame

I want to know how to do it all right or what I do wrong


It is not possible to find a guide or a walkthrough with infos about the 4Dragon Missions or any other info about that.


Can anyone describe how to play the mission Dam and Blast and complet it as well ?

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as soon as you go through the checkpoint, an on-screen message will appear telling you to press "return" to exit the plane. so press whatever key you have set for return. the default is the Enter Key.


after you bail out of the plane, parachute to the dam and the rest is pretty easy


- FiJiAn 4 LiFe

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I had some problems exiting the plane as well, even when I got through the red circle and pressed return. I just tried to fly through the red circle a couple of times, and it worked eventually.




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it's quite easy actually.. first, fly the plane as high as u can because the circle is quite high in the sky. c your radar to keep the jump point as high as your plane level. This is marked as a square.if u fly high enough, i think u shud spot the circleabove the clouds. from there shud've been no problem. fly through the circle and u will b instructed to jump off the train. Return key was the default to enter and exit vehicle. From there juz simply parachute to the red marker. Later shud've been no problem to complete the mission lol.gif

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