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Full Throttle Tribute


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Full Throttle (1994)

The life of Ben


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Full Throttle is a point-and-click adventure game that was released by LucasArts in the 'Good Ol' Days' of the pixels. Today's Halo gamers would giggle at the graphics but if you can appreciate the graphics for the art they are, you will almost wish pixels were still a part of the videogame industry.


The game starts off with Ben and his bad-assed biker gang riding to the bar, they happen to trash a limo along the way. The limo hovers, because Full Throttle is set in the future of hover cars and a few other gizmos. Bikes are mostly the same as they are today but upgrades like Nitro and the such are common in them. The limo they trash belongs to the most powerful man in the Biking industry, Mr.Corley.


Mr.Corley leads Corley Motors, a spin-off of Harley Motors. Mr.Corley is still a biker at heart but his assistant Ripburger is not. Ripburger is a large, brutish-looking old man who seems to have no time for anything but business.


Mr. Corely follows the biker gang to the bar. He meets with Ben, the leader of the biker gang named 'The Polecats'. He asks them to escort him but Ben refuses gruffly stating his gang is not for hire.


Ripburger asks Ben to step outside, he talks to him behind the bar and knocks him out cold.


This is where you begin the game, in the bar dumpster, playing as Ben. You discover your gang is gone and you don't have the keys to your bike. Believe me when I tell you this is going to turn out to be a badassed bike adventure from here-on-out.....


Suspense. Murder. Betrayl and Explosions


You even get to battle people on bikes with an assortment of deadly weapons, just watch out for the Cavefish, rumour has it that they are blind, but they manage to be a deadly biking gang that controls the roads.


The game features a compelling storyline, intense cutscenes and some of the finest pixelated explosions I have ever had the pleasure of viewing.


Rating : 5/5 stars.


Sound : The sound effects, eerie music and ambient noises all flow nicely with the game.


Graphics : Don't compare to 3D graphics. For pixelated graphics, these are premium. The animation is also eye-opening.


Fun : You play as a hardcore biker, get to battle gangs and uncover a mystery. I don't need to elaborate.


Replay Value : I've replayed this game more than 10 times and it still doesn't get old.


Controls : You use a mouse, I don't think you will struggle too much.


Important to note : A remake of this game was released in 2001, making it more compatible with today's computers, pick up this copy if you need to.


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Play this game.

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in adition to that THE BEST GAME EVER MADE



I didnt know that there was a remake is there something changed in the story??

Is here a pac for full throttle to make it compatible with windows NT sistem??

I serched all over the web for a playable demo of full throttle2 is there any.I hear there was on the E3 2003 .Is it awaylable for download.I saw the movie and it is so great.

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Nevermind, I read it wrong, it wasn't a remake, just in a review they said..



or rather CD jewel case for the more recent 2001 edition


It will still run fine on today's machines even if it was made in 94'.

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