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Float bug?


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Hey, me and my mate just joined a server and he was "floating around", no animations were synched.


I think this little video I made will explain it better. (DivX compressed)

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that is not a bug at all, this effect occurs because of lag.

Ok, so it's a known "effect"?

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yep, go into a big server like LW's, and you'll see some people running around just fine and some with the sliding effect (the ones with high ping).

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Futago-za Ryuu

when i play on vc-mp all my animations are synced and the are there and also my ping is on average 80, which is low, even though i lag alot. I use a gamecontroller as well, never ever used a keyboard to play a gta game smile.gif

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People who use game controllers don't have their animations synced properly whilst onfoot.

wow, i never knew that... blink.gif

what if instead of using the analog, i use the d-pad, would i still have this problem? rahkstar2.gif


because people always tell me that i dont have walking anims, even if my ping is around 150 to 215 and i see other people with pings higher than mines with their walking anims working fine

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