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[REL|MOD] Invisible Car!


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Why drive around in a sporty Ferrari when you can drive around in the invisible car! I was just messing around to see if this would work, and it did! So here it is for all to enjoy. biggrin.gif


user posted image



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LOL love your work man, but damnit, all your normals are weird, the reflections are crap, the spoiler is clearly unrealistic and the interior, mann, the textures are just too light, I can hardly see them! tounge.gif



Or I dunno, maybe that's just my imagination.



catloaf_by_anuj.gif nice work man, now we need the matching player model, but they better not forget the invisible cornrow.


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Man I wish you noobs would learn to actually model, I mean wtf is this? Your poly placement is rather strange and don't get me started on the lack of detail! tounge.gif j/k


Hehe nice one, talking about doing drive-by's in style biggrin.gif

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This is like when using the Jetpack on your way to Liberty City, while you are at the SF Garage... your Garage cars are invisable.

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Becasue some people dont want to cheat confused.gif

And you can still see the wheels. I thought about making it so that you couldn't see the passengers when they're inside the car, but then I knew it about be nearly impossible to find!

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