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[SNP] Free Fall


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Mission(s): Freefall

Link: Link to save file (Yousendit!)

Note: All i need help with is free fall. i dont quite get it, the plane travels just as fast as mine, and i cant catch up to it. anyways, thankyou very much in advanced.

- mike


*edit new link* biggrin.gif

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sh*t ive finished supply the lines for you, which is one of the hardest flying missions, if you want i can do free fall too, got mixed up...

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For: djlethal

Missions: Freefall

Helper: JustKarin

Link: HERE


Saved at the Pirates in Men’s Pants. Got a phonecall from CRASH: Meet him in LasBrujas about the dossier (see your map for location)


Goodluck with the game,




















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