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[rec] sa ultimate car lot


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i was thinking of making a script mod... sarcasm.gif- a huge car lot in the flood control in los santos smile.gif this will have spawning places for all the cars in sa (excluding rccars trains boats planes and helis) i estimated that there will have to be about 187 spawning places for the cars. as this is a huge amount for 1 person to handle i need some recruits to help me do the spawning places.. who will step up and rise to the challenge? sly.gif this is what the setup will be :



user posted image




blue= road

orange+ spawning places

dark green=empty space so that cars can pass

grey=grove street

light green= the slanting walls of the flood control


user posted image

user posted image
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adam schiller

Like the idea if it was quite far out to sea with a bridge on to it plus most people use jacobs car spawners like me so would not really need it.

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I will be happy to help, just tell me what i have to do, i can do the spwaning if you would like, but inorder to do that the mapping part of it needs to be done.

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