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dvd write buffer and burning over network


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I've been trying burning files on a firewire network by dragging and dropping the files from the laptop drive to my main pc. I would just copy the files to the main pc, but explorer always gives a different "time remeaining" and sometimes fails altogether. Everything was fine while burning until the 40% mark, when the write buffer dropped to aboug 50%. For dvd video, is this anything to worry about? It dropped for about 30 seconds, and there was no other drive activity on both machines. Also, the dvd burner in the laptop is a 4x, but I can only get it to burn at 2. Isn't 2.4 the standard for anything below 4? I've tried updating the firmware for the drive, and tried 3 different brands of disc, but it makes no difference. I know with desktops you're meant to have the hard drive and burner on different IDE channels. but of course on the laptop they are the same. Burning over the network from desktop to laptop still goes at 2x, so it couldn't be because they're on the same channel in that case. Oh yeah, i have dma turned on in all cases.

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Are your discs supportive of 4x? They might only do 2x. Also, with the firewire, how large are the files?


I also don't get how your burning over the network. Are you burning and the files you selected to burn are on the network? If so, copy them over first.

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All my discs are 4x, and the files are dvd movies, so about a gig each. I don't know what the problem burning over the network is (dragging and dropping the laptop files from laptop to desktop's nero compilation) as firewire is 40mbytes a second, and nero only needs a constant 4meg a second to burn, so there shouldn't be any buffer problems. Any idea what else might be causing it? Also, when you have a dvd you want to back up, and say part of it is scratched (that section freezes and locks up in the player) is there any way to recover it, or skip that file? I'm talking about box set tv shows. I used dvdshrink on one dvd, it said it shrunk fine, but nero only burnt up to about 2.5 gig.

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