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Question about 'anim' and 'txdp' in IDE

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Sorry for the dulpicated question, it seems I saw them somewhere but I can't find it now! bored.gif


I need to know the defination of 'anim' and 'txdp' section in SA IDE. And what are the use for?


Thanks in advance.

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GTASan Andreas CJ Rules

well anim = animations, the game has put them all into txd's anyway. but u can take anim's and put them in inst to get that animated object. (SPRUNK POLE)

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Hi Kam!!!


Now import correct ! colgate.gif I am very happy biggrin.gifcolgate.gifbiggrin.gif


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image

Edited by djjack

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TXDP = TXD Parent


not sure if the use is known

there was a post recently (by Steve M I think) which mentioned them

but can't find it at the moment

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anim = animated map objects

same as the objs section, except for an additional .ifp name after the .txd name, so:


ID, dffname, txdname, ifpname, drawdist, flags



txdp = txd parent, to extend texture packages with generic textures


txdname, txdparentname


If a texture for an object isn't found in the assigned txd, and there is a parent txd specified, the game looks there for the texture. Might even work hierarchical, haven't tested yet (parent of parent of txd).

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Also to note is that there were 760 txdp's in PS2 data files and only 23 in PC version. So I guess it was working as some kind of resource optimization for PS2. PC version obviously can handle the game without hierarchical txd structure.

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