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Its been a very long time since I played either game, so a few questions:


1.) Do VC and III use the same .dff and .txd files? (Meaning I can put III cars into VC)

2.) Will the LATEST IMG.Tool work with it?



Thanks for the help smile.gif

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To answer your first question, you CANNOT put car mods from GTAIII into Vice City, because the heir. is different, and the car's dummies are named differently. Your second question's answer is yes it will work (i think, haven't updated because i use respawn's img and gta sa ultimate editor).


Hope I helped you..



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Craig Kostelecky

I was able to take the original GTA3 cars and import them directly into Vice City (for Liberty City) You cannot however go backwards. Meaning a VC car will not work in GTA3.

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