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Can any suggest some good programs to mod with (im new to this btw) but I wanted to start by makeing T-shirts, cloths and stuff. any suggestions.

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Good place to start biggrin.gif Stick around, and I will watch to help you as well as everyone else! We have a lot of fun.

Be aware of already posted material though! sly.gif

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thanks....wow you guys in the modding section are cool if i posted a noob question anywhere else i would get....wow your a noob and bla bla bla. I just like alot of cloths people are making so i wanted to make my own

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Best peoples to learn off are the guys who know wtf they're doing.


Scratch skin basics HERE


Check it out. This is when you invest in a decent arts program so you don't have to f*ck around with trial sh*t etc. But I'm quite sure you already uh have access to such a program.


Personally I think your best bet right now if you want to MAKE good textures, rather than chopping up nike.com, is to sink a few dollars into a graphics tablet (hint to all; Buy your tablet 2nd hand. That's about the best for your money, provided the tablet isn't totally caned already) This thing will serve you good for a long time and isn't limited to painting textures for GTA, it's a useful tool in general.


This might seem a good idea and logical, or random and overkill, if it seems random and overkill, I'd maybe recommend looking into something else, good texturing is harder than good modeling for sure.


Having said that, I think you should go for it. Anyone can do this if they actually try.


Cheers rampage_ani.gif

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