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How do i edit a PDF file?


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My school put out some homework in pdf of course. And the bitches is to stupid to tell us how to edit. (Or maybe I'm to stupid to find out).


Anyway I have no idea how to edit a PDF file. How do you do? :S

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I found these:





through Googling, but there don't seem to be that many PDF editors out there. It makes sense though, since a PDF's generally for a finished document. Are you sure you have to edit it for your homework?

Yeah, because it's just a scheme we have to fill out. And we have to turn it in over the schools intranet from home. So we kinda need to edit it >_>

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Dude, you're most likely supposed to print it out and write on it.

He said they were supposed to submit it through the internet, but I agree that it sounds more likely that you need to print it out.

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