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dont know which graphics settings to use


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Which are the best graphics settings to use which a relatively good graphic card (Ive got the radeon 9800 pro) ?

- For example the "framelimiter" option..... what the best setting here?

- and Anti-Aliasing?





What are the best settings in that ATI control panel thing?

- for examble for Anisotropic Filtering?

- or Antialiasing?


Both is now set to "application controlled"





and oh yeah: I used the have a yellow digit on the screen during the game disclosing the FramesPerSesond.... And it always showed about 24-25. Isnt that too little? Or is just normal in GTA SA?


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24 to 25 is totally normal for GTA. When you turn ON the frame limiter, it limits the frames to 25 MAX. It is suposed to do that. So that is OK. ''Aplication controled'' is OK. Leave it at that. Turn on MIPMAP. And turn OFF AntiAliasing. Put it to 1024 resoulution, 32 BIT. Don't put the view distance to MAX. Put it to half or 75%. Then it should work fine. And allways have the frame limiter ON. Rockstar recomends it. Read the readme. Also in the FAQ of the 1.01 patch it says alot of interesting things. Id suggest reading it.


So 25 is totally alright. If its too little for you, then that's your problem. (you can turn the frame limiter OFF). Or you can go play another game which doesnt have the FPS limiter stuff.

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