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after 10 seconds fun, PC restarts


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I recently bought GTA SA and installed it on my PC. After a succesfull installation I still have the problem that the

game stops after approx. 10 seconds and restarts my computer automatically.


The actions I've already taken:

- Shut down all programs that run on the back-ground

- updated my video driver

- reinstalled the game itself (multiple times)

- tried lower resolution



My PC characteristics are:

3.0 Ghz Processor

1 GB internal memory

NVIDIA GeForce FX5200


Somebody knows what to do??

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Your PC is probably overheating. Clean up the interior of your PC. With a vacuum cleaner or something like that. If it doesn't help, then I don't know what will. Also if you have a nVidia soundcard then install the realtek sound drivers instead of nVidia ones.

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