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Graphics Corruption problem.


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So... just in case "graphics corruption" is referring to something other than my problem:


Within 1-5 minutes after loading the game, cars start having random pyles of polygons added. Then weapons morph into piles. Then, people. Then, the whole screen morphs into a random disco-style mixture of polygons, with only the occasional glimpse of Tommy /Cars / whatever poking through.


Alt-Tab-ing elsewhere clears the problem, and begins the 1-5 minute countdown again. I tried re-installing the game.


Windows XP

NVidia graphics driver.

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When reinstalling, did you delete the .set file from My Documents as well? Also, the patch was made to address exactly what you're experiencing, but drivers have superceded it long ago. So updating your video drivers should solve that. But I'd still delete the .set file in this case.
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