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Gangwar mode fairness

tommy vercetti guy

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tommy vercetti guy

When I play gangwar, people tend to switch to the winning teams. When the cubans win, some haitans change team to the cubans and when haitans win, some cubans change to haitans. This gets really annoying and makes teams un-balanced. What I was thinking is that the game will only let you spawn as a cuban or a haitan depending on how much players is on the teams. If both teams are even, you can spawn as either one.


Please put this in VC-MP, or atleast some kinda server thingy so some servers can or cant have this.

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i don't think that is a bad idea, as too me as well i hate it when people go towards the winning team, just makes it worthless.. because they can just basically do nothing, or have a much bigger advantage. I do agree though that there should maybe be an option or something to make it force you onto a team, depending upon the ratio of players in each team.


- Bungle

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