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Crashing After The Bigsmoke Cutscene


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yet again im faced with this error wich i can not fix!

i have a modded scm at the min with the all open mod all of viper187's mods exept the car spawn

the steed mod

bullet time mod

mission chooser mod


wall climbing mod


game works perfectly! until after the bigsmoke cutscene dontgetit.gif


i first ever faced this program when i was modding in windows vista and had decided it was a windows vista problem cuz i used the same edits on windows xp and worked fine


but im on xp now and tried and now im getting this problem its nothing to do with my code, nothign wrong with car models or anythign like that

can anyone figure this out? notify.gifnotify.gifdozingoff.gif

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i just found out it seems the game crashes after any custscene exept the intro one anyone got any ideas? Edited by demonj0e
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well, all i did is replace a few cars made by JVT, but those never ever caused problems here before, as for the mod part, it's been like a week ago since i tried a 'mod' (if cars ain't in this category)

so i really have no clue what this can be, it never happened before, and i played through the game twice with the same mods i have installed blink.gif

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well i dont have a clue what caused it for me but i redid my scm adding the exact same code! but bit by bit and so far its been workign fine only problem ive had is with the nosplash.exe it sumtimes crashes but with normal and the windows version it works perfectly confused.gifnotify.gif
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