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San Andreas 1.01


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i dont have american version.i dowbloaded the patch 1.01 .while installing its askin 4 da american version.wat do i do?


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The official patch site is here: No More Hot Coffee


There are three versions there. Try the European or the German, if youre from Germany. But you probably have the European if the American doesn't work. (or you have a warez version, in that case I can't help you)


The direct download link for the European version is here:





Here are the installation instructions(which I'm sure you are not going to read):




1) If you have previously modified the installation of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas by installing the "Hot Coffee" mod, you will need to uninstall the modified version and reinstall a clean version before applying the patch. Installing the patch on the modified version of the game may cause errors during gameplay, please reinstall the game and then protect it using the patch.


2) Identify and download the correct regional patch (US, Europe/Australia or German) installer for your version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas from the website, and save the patch file to your desktop.


3) Double click the downloaded file on the desktop to start the patch installer.


4) Click "OK" on the first prompt to verify which regional version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas you have.


5) The installer will prompt you to locate and select the previously installed executable of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. To do this:

# Navigate to the correct directory (The default installation location is C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas),

# Select the gta_sa.exe file

# Then click the "Open" button.


6) The installer will ask one last time if it's OK to update, select "Yes" and the installer will complete the patching process.


7) You can verify that the update was successful by starting the game and looking at the lower right corner of the main menu screen where the version number "1.01" should now appear.


8) Upon completing the installation of the patch and re-starting the game, the control scheme will be reset back to the default control scheme and keyboard layout.


9) Save game files created by the original unmodified version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas are compatible with this patched version 1.01.


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