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What font should go on my banner?


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Hey everyone,im just creating a new banner for my website, i used PCJ's abstract Tutorial to make it in Photoshop. Now, i dont have any idea on what font you use or where to put it. Thats where you come in. Add the text "Krusty" to it in whatever font you wish, after a few entries, ill pick a winner. Thanks.

Here is the image: user posted image

Sorry if it stretched the page..

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Did this real quick

Font: Base 02


user posted image


Silver: Looked Cool

user posted image

Edited by xxnofear617xx
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Quite nice.. Ill see if anyone else has a go, and then ill pick a winner. Thanks for you three having a go anyway.
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Wow Deano, thats good.. Sorry Silent Assassin, i dont really like the font that much.. Thank you for your efforts anyway smile.gif
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