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[SnP] Circle Airstrip


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I am (always was) a bad flyer in all games and simulators. (I'm also not a good ryder or driver, but I can walk quite well biggrin.gif ).


Stuck in Flying School, on the circle airstrips, I am seeking help.

I'd like to try to pass this by myself, so just hints and tricks would help as well -- but I've read many topics and many websites with directions, with no success. On all the other missions until now, it went fine (even the flying "Supply Lines"...).


Mission: Circle AirStrip (and Circle AirStrip + Land)

Link: http://rapidshare.de/files/4633583/GTASAsf1.b.html

Poster: DaNang

Note: Please don't use cheats, and I do not require Gold Medals. I only have bronze ans silver, myself.

Note: Saved just below the Flying School. Wearing ugly Pimp Suit. Lots of Guns.

Note: Having luck in the Betting House (why can't it be on real life??), I am actually very rich. So, after you pass the Lessons, you can have a beer on my acount, on some Stacked Pizza... colgate.gif


I am afraid that not passing these lessons would make it difficult for me to pass future lessons and/or missions... Is there much flying left on the game? I'm quite good with Helicopters...


Any way, Thanks for your time helping!

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well i m gonna do these 2 tests for you. and i think it would be beter if you watched a video on how theses tests are done. they really do help. as for future flying missions, i think you are gonna be ok as you have done SupplyLines by yourself which is one of the hardest missions in the game cool.gif


- FiJiAn 4 LiFe




For : DaNang

Mission : Circle Airstrip, Circle Airstrip and Land

Helper : ajkhan316'

Link : http://rapidshare.de/files/4634250/GTASAsf5.b.html

Status : Complete



- gold in both tests

- you shouldnt have that much trouble with the rest of them

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Ajkhan, I know you are right.

And after I saw the videos in This Link, I got better control of the mission (using A and D instead of Q and E). But found myself doing loops and turns and back and forth between each Corona -- until an ultimate crash.


Inside me, I am not happy that I'll not do the missions myself. I'm so ashamed that I'm hiding -- DaNang is not my real name, you know...


Supply Lines was hard, and I repeated it many times until completion. These school missions I tried many times as well, and found them easier when in 1st person, but I reached my limit.


And I gotta make time for my work, cause my boss is already shouting and yelling. This without knowing I spend time playing, what if he knew? tounge.gif



WOW, while I wrote this post, you already downloaded, played and uploaded the missions for me. This is fast! (Hey, maybe you'll want to work for my yelling boss?)


Thanks for your help!

Now, I'll look for someone asking a SnP for a mission I know, and help him like you did!




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