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pick a head for CJ


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Not yet, I think.


Great idea though. A good way to get around that three body thing.


I mean just replacing the head. I understand the method to your madness, which is that you can keep a haircut forever and skin CJ dressed properly and same complection. Very smooth, I must say, Im impressed.


But when more interest is placed in player models (starting to buzz now wink.gif ) Kam might add player/ped support to his script. Then a good idea would be to replace only cj's head and edit him to behave differently etc.




I hope that the audio files are changable long before this. And cutscenes and animations.

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all of the hair cuts is another head model right? so we could just cut off woozies head and slap it on or not that simple?


is there a model viewer I want to check it out

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could i just take woozies head and turn it into a hair cut at the barber shop?

well....u can do taht 4 sure....i tried 2 do-it...and guess what???i got a f*cking white skin on face with 4 ears and no eyes....wow...weird..... mercie_blink.gif the face is like a f*cking alien.....wooooooooooooooooooooow......sry,i cant help U...sad.gif....i tried 2 find out how to do what u want 2 do....but all i got was a "alien".....it is possible....just keep ya head up!!!

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