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game freezes when in dance club


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I hate when Barbara or anybody asks me to take her to the club. I have been to both clubs, and as soon as I get into the red marker with her, the game freezes. And I have also been there in my free time and the same thing happens. The game is not modded in any single way- I would like to, because I am working on a couple mods, but I didn't mod SA for fear of making this problem worse! I am running Windows XP SP1 (I can't even run the game with SP2), I have a Nvidia GeForce FX 5500 with 256 mb of vram. I have 1024 mb of system RAM (1 Giga-byte), and I am running a Pentium 4 @ 2.86 Ghz. I have the latest video software, directX versoin 9.0c and everything. rampage_ani.gif please help! suicidal.gif

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Here's the thing: I have the no-cd patch, and also, where do you get version 1.01? is it from http://nomorehotcoffee.com/ ? I was reading the features of "cold coffee", and do you think that it will work? Did you check out the picture? it has the specific error message. I have 256 megs of ram just on my card, and I 'm not running dual monitor mode, although..... that would be tight! pleez respond! [email protected]

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The 1.01 doesn't work with the crack. And it is awailable on nomorehotcoffee.com. Did you make a full or partial install. Check if there are any new firmwares for the DVD drive.

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