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A little clothing mod request


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For people who can model .dff's I have a little request for SanAndreas.


Could some one please make a mod of the front rag bandana (2Pac style) to have the top open. So that it doesnt cover all of your head but its like Ballas in White T's have (and balla chonglers). Please...


I tried to make it myself, but as I see ZModeler's first and free versions do not support SanAn's .dff's and the new version has to be REGISTERED to be able to import in .dff's...

I have AC3D, though it doesnt accept .dff's, currently I'm downloading a demo of Dc3Max - but I'm not sure it will work...


So if you could do that, It would be just great biggrin.gif thnx.

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Or maybe tell me a FREE .dff modifier? Because on new Z, I have to buy it to import in .dff's... cryani.gif

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