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i have a

-Pentium D 830 dual Core Proccessor

-2Gb Memory

-500Gb hard drive

-256 mb geforce fx graphics card pci x16 express

-Windows Media center 2005 with remote


i was wondering is this good eneough to run san andreas it cost almost $15,000$



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On the dual core X2 some people were having problems with the game going too fast. So maybe it will be the same with you. Also Windows Media Center edition is not ''officialy'' supported. But the other things are fine. Just try a copy from a friend or something and see how it works. I think the only problems might be the Dual Core and the Windows version. But the other stuff is great. Also, for that amount of money, Id recomend having a decent sound card. A SoundBlaster XFI. Many people forget the soundcard.

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15K ????


HHMM, Hey, I have a bridge to sell you, or maybe some ocean front land in South Dakota? smile.gifsmile.gifsmile.gif


System should be fine accept the OS.

And come on, you must have read the system specs on R* site, your system exceeds them by a ton, so why ask if it's good enough? Besides, you have a 15k system, buck-up and spend $40 on the game. LOLOLOL smile.gifsmile.gif


Sorry for the sarcasm, but you asked for it. smile.gifsmile.gif

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He may have some huge arse Plasma TV which would acount for the insane price tag along with a 5.1 surround setup, then again he could be bragging and making the whole thing up given that his specs exceed all of the specs.
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good p.c spec but im sure i cud build u a p.c like that for £1000 MAX


and yeh cors it will run on it


my p.c spec is


AMD Athlon 2600+ (2.08ghz)

256Mb DDR RAM (512MB soon)


128MB DDR GFX Card

Trust 5.1 Surround Sound, Soundcard


and it runs on that, so no reason why it wont run on urs lol



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hahaahaa 15K - dude you seriously got ripped off if your not lieing.


The P4 CPU you have is £240, so about $500.

Memory for 2GB you'r looking about the same price, so thats $1000 in total now (£500)

An Nvida Gefore FX card, 256 MB is about £70 ($140) so total is now $1140 (about £600)

Hard Drive, not sure what you have so im going to say +-£200 ($400) total is now $1540


So, all in all your PC DID not cost 15k$ unless you got completly riped off and are stupid enough to buy an AlienWare PC, which as you can see is a rip off.


But, no I wouldn't say it would run it, you need a PC worth around double that to run it on minimun settings!


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