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Ok im not trying to plug my site, i only want feedback on all of my new work. i know i will get honest views in this forum.


thanks again





ps- its a graphic design site so im looking for feedback on the designs rather than the layout.

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Guybrush Threepwood

The designs on the website are fine (the posters, business cards, etc.).

However, the site itself is unappealing. To me it looks more like it's designed for a weblog of some deviant art guy, then a serious company. Now, I'm not saying it's ugly, the contrary, because I like it.

There's just something about that first impression it makes that feels generic. But then again, the stuff on the site is real nice.


P.S. - in your portfolio, the image-link in the "covers" section of Loud.Beats, the black one with Ice Cube, is dead. You might want to fix that.

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You need proper thumbnails up in this hizzle. My P-Comp don't appreciate having to download whack full-sized images, bro.

I only even viewed your site so I would have a viable reason to quote Opius's post, and comment on it's hilarity.


That being said, I also agree with his comment about the thumbnails. Some of us are still stuck on a prehistoric dial-up connection. That being said, the few images I clicked on weren't bad, I especially like the one DeNiro poster.

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The content, designs and coding all look very nice.

But I'll try to give some tips on the site.


Overall, the site looks too dark.

Try to use a background pattern to fill up the big black open space.

Make the design bigger, it looks like an old design because it's pretty small.

This is my personal opinion, but I prefer brighter websites.

I'd put the menu/navigation on the left.

And use buttons (make them in photoshop) for your menu.

The two things that I should definitely change are:

Create a bigger design.

And fill up the big black background with a pattern maybe, or a brighter color.


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