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Are you with Blu-ray or HD-DVD?


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Every day the competition for the standard in optical discs is more intense. There're two main competitors: Blu-ray (It's "blu", not "blue"), and HD-DVD.


A small comparison chart:



Format Blu-ray Disc (or BD) HD-DVD (High Density Digital Versatile Disc)
Single-layer capacity 23.3, 25, or 27 GB 15 GB
Dual-layer capacity 46.6, 50, or 54 GB 30 GB
Other capacities (in development) 100 GB and 200 GB 45GB
Developers and supporters Apple, Dell, HP, Hitachi, LG, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Pioneer Corporation, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, TDK, Thomson, Twentieth Century Fox, and Disney NEC, New Line Cinema, Paramount, Sanyo, Toshiba, Universal Studios, and Warner Bros
Surface layer 0.1 mm 0.6 mm
  • More capacity than HD-DVDs.
  • lastic caddies have been removed, TDK introduced a coating that reduces scratches and adds protection.
  • More supporters than HD-DVDs.
  • Very similar to previous DVDs, making them more familiar to the costumers.
  • Mass production less expensive than Blu-ray Discs.
  • Current DVD players need less technology tweaks to adapt to HD-DVD discs.
  • Mass production more expensive than HD-DVDs.
  • New player technology must be introduced to play Blu-ray Discs
  • Less capacity than Blu-ray Discs
  • Not as much supporters as Blu-ray (Note that Microsoft does support HD-DVDs, which could make HD-DVDs more likely to happen)

Which one do you prefer?


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I'll just wait 6 - 12 months and see which format dies in the ass and go from there.


Of course, I'd still have to get a HDTV to have any appreciable difference in quality over DVD (And I'm quite happy with my DVD collection, thanks). I see that the Xbox is currently slated for HD-DVD, and the PS3's going Blu-Ray. That'll be interesting, but not really a huge issue, since the players are still going to support DVD's and what have you.


Remember DVD-Audio? Most people don't, because unless you had an awesome, handed-down-by-god audiophile system, you couldn't really tell the damned difference between it and CD. Oh, you got proper 5.1, but I don't really want my music in 5.1. I want it in stereo - the way it was recorded. Similar issue to these new video discs - if you don't have the hardware, there's not much point.


There I go, rambling again smile.gif


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blu-ray for me. i personally feel that if there's going to be a switch as huge as this will eventually be there should be as huge as a memory difference as that provides. i mean, if they can release a 100GB disc that would cost some money naturally but be able to be applied in another blu-ray drive, i really see no issue. that would be the way for me to go. plus i never liked Toshiba and they back the HD-DVD...but thats purely from corporate hatred and outside the point.

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I would have to honestly go with Blu-ray disc, the size is the main thing in my head. They have reached a higher level of technology, take it as if HD-DVD was used primarily in the next technology on their current working on version, then they would have to update again to what have Blu-ray is most likely going to reach sooner. My point might need more explanation, but I'll leave that as that for now.


I agree with Blu-ray mostly for games and music. Since allot of people will buy a PS3 that will be play able to them then I don't see why not use Blu-Ray as the next technology.


Simply Blu-ray for better technology and already got more supporters.




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Screw Sony. Minidiscs, memory sticks, UMD, etc...

EVERY damn thing of theirs has to be proprietary. I'd prefer to have a little more choice in my media then that.

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HD-DVD. I don't trust Sony not to f*ck this up with hardware-based DRM, proprietry data formats and all the other bullsh*t they're known for.


If they could keep their legal team from messing with their developers I'd probably be favouring them, but their track record is horrendous.

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